4 Ways Floating Docks Can Protect Your Jet Ski From Damage

Jet skis represent a sizable investment and are often one of their owner's most prized possessions. As such, it only makes sense to protect them from damage as much as you can, and using a floating jet ski dock is one way to make that happen.

Here are just four ways floating docks can help protect your jet ski from damage.

1. Adapts Around Inclement Weather

One issue with using stationary docks for your jet ski is that they don't always provide adequate protection during inclement weather. If there is ever a storm or high winds, your jet ski can bash up against a stationary dock, and the dock itself may be damaged or even submerged, in which case your jet ski can be put under added pressure. This isn't such an issue with floating docks since they move with the water. That flexibility means the risk of damage during inclement weather is greatly reduced.

2. Extends The Life Of Antifouling

Your jet ski needs regular maintenance to ensure the antifouling coatings used to prevent deterioration remain effective. Unfortunately, antifouling won't last as long if the jet ski is left in the water for long periods. By opting for a floating dock, you can easily remove your jet ski from the water whenever you aren't using it, and you can do so without the tools or manpower required when using traditional lifts. This means your antifouling should last longer, which can save you money and prevent damage to your jet ski.

3. Prevents Damage From Marine Life

Even when antifouling coatings are properly applied, marine life can still potentially cause damage to the hull of your vessel. Even small plants, algae, and shellfish can have an impact, especially if the jet ski is left in the water for longer periods. When you have a floating dock, you can effortlessly remove the craft from the reach of marine life. As an added benefit, this also means that your jet ski will in turn cause no damage to that same marine life.

4. Helps Avoid Scrapes And Scratches

Floating docks are extremely easy to use, so you don't need to worry about causing any accidental damage whenever you lift your jet ski in and out of the water. Using this type of dock also means you're not going to be hauling your craft up the shore and potentially causing damage by scraping the bottom of the hull against the ground. Even small scratches can lead to big problems, so it's best to avoid them in the first place by investing in a floating dock.