3 Top Benefits of Quality Line Marking Machines

Did you know that the Australian government is poised to spend approximately $100 billion on transport infrastructure over the next ten years, starting from 2019-20? Such an investment means that the government needs quality line marking services. Therefore, if you are in limbo regarding what business to start, then this is a great idea to venture into. However, you should keep in mind that the best results can only be achieved by investing in a high-quality line marking machine. This article highlights the benefits you stand to gain from a top-quality line marking machine.   

Consistent Color

Most contractors believe that small line marking projects don't need the use of line marking machines since it is a waste of resources. For instance, with this logic, it would be resourceful to paint one-kilometre road by hand and only use the line marking machine for major projects. However, while it is true that small line marking projects can be accomplished by hand, workers will struggle to get a consistent colour. The reason is that some areas will appear lighter, while others are darker. It is an issue you don't have to deal with by using line marking machines because the roller receives the same quantity of paint. Therefore, you can rest assured that all lines will be of a consistent shade. 

Clean Outlines

When talking about line marking, it is vital to note that line edges should be as clean as possible for optimal performance. However, manual line marking efforts using rollers or paintbrush only produce crooked outlines. Quality line marking machines, on the other hand, rely on special-angled and adjustable nozzles. The nozzles ensure line outlines are clean and easy to follow; hence, you don't have to worry about spatter or stray markings.

Use Paint Efficiently

Paint, rollers and labour cost money. Therefore, you need to use the resources efficiently, especially if you are a newbie. However, if you plan to mark lines manually or use a sub-standard line marking machine, then the chances are high that you will misuse the paint. Consequently, your operational costs will increase and affect your bottom line. For example, workers do not have the energy to apply and maintain a consistent force on individual tracks to ensure maximum application. Therefore, line markers regularly dip their rollers for every fresh coat even if the roller has some paint left, which is wasteful. With quality line marking machine, however, the nozzles spray paint to the surface at high pressure. It guarantees maximum application with each spraym thereby promoting efficient use of paint.