Shutters: Why PVC Is a Great Choice

When purchasing window coverings, some people may choose to be guided by either their budget or their aesthetic preference. This is well and good but should not be the only aspects to consider. A major element to bear in mind would be what material your shutters should be made of. This is because the material will dictate the functionality and longevity of your shutters. Timber may be one of the most popular options but by no means is it the most advantageous. One material that is steadily growing in popularity is PVC. Here are just a few reasons why PVC shutters would make a great choice for your windows.

PVC shutters are appealing

When some people consider PVC, they conjure up images of plastic shutters on their windows. Granted, PVC is a plastic derivative but this does not impact its aesthetic appeal. If you like the look of timber, you can opt for PVC shutters that mimic their appearance and nobody would be any wiser. This also makes PVC an eco-conscious alternative for your home as you will not be taking part in the depletion of natural resources by opting for timber shutters. It should also be noted that the colour of PVC shutters is not painted on. Instead, it is incorporated into the polyvinyl chloride during the manufacturing process. Therefore, you do not have to be concerned about the finish of your PVC shutters chipping or cracking over time.

PVC shutters are UV resistant

Installing shutters on your home is an ideal way of kerbing the amount of ultraviolet radiation you are exposed to from you windows. However, not all material specifically designed to keep these UV rays out. PVC shutters have a specially formulated coating that functions to resist the penetration of ultra violet rays. This will ensure that you and your family members are protected from these harmful rays. You PVC shutters will also be beneficial to your furniture and upholstery, as they will prevent the premature fading that comes about due to excessive UV exposure.

PVC shutters are incredibly durable

PVC is one of the most durable plastic materials in the market. Not only can it withstand the constant exposure to sun rays, it is also resistant to an array of other damages. For instance, the innate chemical structure of polyvinyl chloride makes it resistant to any oxidative reactions. Thus, your shutters will not corrode, rust or develop moisture damage due to exposure to moist conditions. This makes PVC shutters suitable for any room in your home!