Lawn Installation: The Pros of Artificial Turf

The appearance of your yard can significantly impact the kerb appeal of your entire residence. The larger it is, the more of a focal point it will be, meaning visitors will all pay attention to how neat or unkempt it is before they even get inside your home. This is why it is advisable to try your best to keep your lawn appealing if you are to enhance the kerb appeal of your premises. Nevertheless, not many people want to be tasked with the hassle of mowing their lawns on a routine basis. To avoid this, you may want to consider artificial turf. Here are some of the pros of artificial turf when considering lawn installation.

Artificial turf is highly durable

The biggest benefit of investing in artificial turf is that it is considerably more durable than regular grass. Firstly, your artificial turf will not succumb to the changing weather patterns all year round. Whether it is snowing or extremely hot and dry, your artificial turf will thrive.

Secondly, when artificial turf in installed, it is done in tandem with infill materials. These infill materials function to secure the artificial turf, which makes it highly resistant to wearing down. Therefore, you can rest assured that your artificial turf will not begin to show signs of tearing or fraying despite being exposed to heavy foot traffic.

Lastly, artificial turf comes with a warranty. In the event that the turf that you have bought does not live up to its advertised expectations, you can always have your provider replace it for you!

Artificial turf is an environmentally sound solution

What some individuals may not bear in mind when it comes to the maintenance of natural grass is how much of an impact it can have on the environment. Firstly, natural grass will require a constant supply of water for it to stay hydrated. This would not be economical, especially in drought-hit areas that should be focusing on water conservation.

Secondly, natural grass is prone to pest and weed infestations. To counter this, you would end up routinely using pesticides and herbicides to keep your natural grass thriving but at a hefty cost to the environment. When it rains, the chemicals in these herbicides and pesticides get mixed into the runoff and make their ways to fresh water sources, becoming hazardous to fish and other organisms.

If you are eco-conscious, artificial turf installation would be an environmentally sustainable option.