What To Look for When Buying Photocopiers

Photocopiers are an important tool in any business environment. In many offices, you would be surprised at the amount of mayhem a broken down photocopier could bring. The same could go for a slow copier or one that does not print quality images. Having employees leave the office to go have copies done at other places will not only cost a lot but will also result in excessive time wastage. Many people look for photocopier sales online. A much needed convenience this may be, but you should know beforehand what you are going for, or else you may buy something less useful to your business. In order to arrive at the machine best suited for your business when looking at photocopier sales online, consider the following.

Ink versus laser

The distinction between these two copiers is not only in the way they print but also in the speed and volume of their printing. Laser photocopiers may be very costly, but they are ideal for an environment dealing with large volumes of photocopying. They would be perfect for an office where one photocopier is shared by everyone and thus always jammed with queued documents.

If yours is a smaller office that does not experience much paper traffic or each office requires a separate copier for themselves, ink-jet photocopier sales would be where you should be looking. Ink-jet copiers are also perfect for an environment where most copies made require color. When it comes to printing mechanism, you should know that toner for laser copiers is probably cheaper than ink for an ink-jet. When it comes to color quality, however, ink-jets are more preferable.

Print quality

When looking at photocopier sales and office printer sales, be sure to note the resolution of the device you are interested in. Many of these machines fall within the resolution ranges of one thousand two hundred dots per inch (DPI). These would be perfect for any office that mainly copies or prints documents, manuals or such simplistic print. If you are in a line of business that requires more complex and colorful materials printed regularly, however, you may need to search for photocopiers that exceed this range. Such businesses include offices and companies that frequently print items like brochures or other marketing materials.


Finally, you should always look at the extras offered by the copiers when looking through photocopier sales ads. Networking ability is crucial in many offices today. The same goes for wireless connectivity as well. Another good extra to look at is paper capacity. In a fast office with many people using a copier, having to refill the paper tray every time may prove to be an inconvenience.