Property Line Marking: Three Crucial Considerations for Stencil Selection

Proper marking of roadways, pavements and even parking spaces is essential for your commercial property. The lines and symbols will promote order and reduce the risk of accidents due to poor flow of vehicle and foot traffic. In addition, the markings will promote efficient usage of parking spaces, reducing congestion and promoting space economy. There are multiple product options to consider for your commercial line marking project. One of the most ideal choices is using stencils and paint. This method is inexpensive and efficient for most commercial properties. Here are the important factors that you should consider when purchasing the stencils.

Marking Regulations

There are regulations imposed on line markings to ensure that they are easy to see and understand. Therefore, you should learn the requirements for all the relevant standard markings. This will allow you to select stencils which will create legally acceptable road lines. For example, the design of the primary lines applied on the commercial roadways are often standardised to look similar to those used on public roads.

This uniformity ensures that drivers will perceive the message and follow the provided visual instructions easily. The size of disabled signs, pedestrian crossings and even turn markings should also be evaluated with regard to local regulations. For ideal results, discuss all the relevant legal requirements with your line marking contractor.

Stencil Design Options

When purchasing stencils for your line marking project, you should consider your options with regard to the stencil design. In general, you can choose between standard, custom and individual letter and number stencils. Standard stencil designs are supplied as stock products by specialist manufacturers. Basically, they are made in the form of the most popular symbols and words which are required for commercial property marking.

These stencils are favourable because they are inexpensive and standardised with regard to the design. Unfortunately, you will not find standard stencils if you have unique marking requirements. If this is your case, you should consider ordering custom stencils. Typically, you will only need to send a design and a stencil will be designed to match it. Finally, you can choose products made of individual letters and numbers, allowing you to customise text markings.

Product Material

The paint products used to create line markings are normally durable. However, the symbols and lines will eventually come off due to daily usage and weather. Therefore, you should consider choosing durable and reusable stencil materials such as polypropylene and acrylic as opposed to cardboard. This choice will allow you to repair the markings in the future inexpensively.

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